Isolation & Ultra Isolation Transformers

Isolation & ultra isolation transformer manufactured and supplied by Servokon is used for decoupling two circuits. The transformer can rightly be considered as the up-graded version of regular isolation transformer. It has secondary and primary coils and for shielding purpose an inductance has been created between these coils to give more noise attenuation. This transformer is mainly utilized for wireless stations and with expensive medical equipments. The coupling capacitance is less because its primary coil is not traversed on the top of the other coil. What we have won is the trust of customers and this is the biggest achievement of Servokon since inception. Timely delivery, high quality and customer satisfaction is our business ethics that has helped us to carve a niche for ourselves in this domain.



These Isolation & Ultra Isolation Transformers are used for wireless stations and costly life saving medical equipments.