Constant Voltage Transformers (CVT)

Constant voltage transformer (CVT) manufactured and supplied by Servokon is the most preferred transformer over conventional stabilizers. This is due to the fact that the stabilizers have relays that are when switched leads to interruption in output voltage for a short time. This can cause damage to the electric equipments like computers and others. CVT ensures complete protection against spikes and also provide controlled output voltage. Servokon, a renowned manufacturer manufactures the CVT with ferrow resonant technology; placing its winding separately. We have a highly qualified team of professionals for ensuring that the transformer is manufactured at par with the standard norms and according to the specific requirements of the customers. The transformer have been widely demanded in Bio-med equipments, Fax, Telecom Equipment, Color photography lab, High Sensitive machines and many other industries.



These step-up and step-down transformers are widely used for: